Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When you cannot pay you debt, Chapter 7 "liquidation" bankruptcy can help you discharge some types of debt. Not everyone qualifies for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you make more than the median income, you may not be eligible to file for Chapter 7. You may still get relief under Chapter 13. Contact me to discuss your case. I will help you determine if you qualify and how to proceed.

Minimum Chapter 7 Process

  1. Get a certificate of counseling from an approved agency.
  2. Complete the bankruptcy forms.
  3. Provide certain documents, to be sent to trustee.
  4. File the case and pay fees.
  5. Receive the notice from the bankruptcy court (about 10 days after filing).
  6. Attend 341 creditor's meeting and answer questions (will be assigned to be held about 5 weeks after filing).
  7. Get a certificate of Debtor Education from an approved provider.
  8. Receive discharge of dischargeable debts (issued about 70 days after creditor's meeting).
  9. Case closes when the trustee has completed his tasks.