Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Even if you make more than the median income in Georgia, you can file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You will set up a payment plan to repay some debts while continuing to make current payments on things such as your mortgage or car loan. These plans can last between 36 and 60 months, and many times, the remaining debt is discharged at the end of the plan.

Minimum Chapter 13 Process

  1. Get a certificate of counseling from an approved agency.
  2. Complete the bankruptcy forms.
  3. Provide certain documents, to be sent to trustee.
  4. Produce a Chapter 13 plan and complete trustee sheet.
  5. File the case and pay fees.
  6. Receive the notice from the bankruptcy court.
  7. Make first payment within 30 days of filing.
  8. Attend 341 creditor's meeting and answer questions.
  9. Get a certificate of debtor education from an approved provider.
  10. Send copy of tax returns and financial information to trustee annually.
  11. Make plan payments for 36 to 60 months, complete the plan.
  12. Receive discharge of dischargeable debts.
  13. Case closes when the trustee has completed his tasks.